Week #29 in Torreon

Ok, well this week is one for the records as a true testament that there is opposition in all things, especially in missionary work.  I have had some serious trials this week but I feel blessed to know that I can feel some of what Jesus felt during his earthly ministry.  I know that we are given trails so that we can be stronger and so that we can learn and grow.  I am going to keep pushing forward and relying on the fact that we can see miracles if we have faith.
This week we were expecting to baptize Mariel, but we ran into a lot of problems.  Her family is partial member.  Her dad, who isn’t a member, doesn’t want Mariel to make that commitment until she is older and even though we taught how important baptism, he wouldn’t let her be baptized.  We are not going to stop teaching Mariel and we would actually like to start teaching her dad so that we can help their family progress together.  We have been praying a lot for them and we are hoping for a miracle.
Another family we have been teaching had baptism dates for this saturday, but they didn’t come to church because the husband of the family told them they can´t go and that they shouldn’t listen to us anymore.  He has recently returned to live with the family (Before they were separated) and he has been causing a lot of problems.  We would really like to help this family but we don’t want to cause domestic problems.  We are praying really hard for this family as well.
Another investigator, Josefina, needs to get married before she can be baptized.  The problem that we have faced with helping her is that she doesn’t have any money to pay the marriage fees.  We are looking into having the ward help her so that she can follow the law of chastity and get started on her eternal progress.  We are constantly looking for days where civil marriage is free (That happens sometimes in Mexico) to help them out.
Those are some of the trials we have faced in our area this week and I am sure that we are gonna see some miracles now!  I have a strong testimony of this church and that when we are patient through our trials and have faith, we are blessed with stronger testimonies!  Love you guys!  Happy Birthday to my Mom again!  Its today and she´s the best mom ever!
Until next week!
Elder Jolley

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