Week #30 transfers

Its been and interesting week and now that transfers have come and gone in the mission, there are a lot of big changes.  First off, I got transfered to a new area called Porisima and it is located much closer to the mountains than my last area, which means its also a little bit cooler.  Its a ranch though, so it is very poor and dirty, but the people and very humble and faithful.  We are expecting to have a lot of success here and we hope that we can help these people.  I am super excited about a change of pace and even the the Branch here is really small (30-35 people) my new companion has told me that the members here are super supportive and really kind. Our district of missionaries is made up of only 3 companionships, so we have one of the smaller districts in the mission right now, but I know everyone in the district and they are all really fun and nice.  Overall I think its a great new area and a lot of new opportunity to grow and learn as a missionary
Other exciting news is that Elder D Todd Christofferson is coming to visit the mission (Might have already mentioned this in my last email but Im to lazy to look) and we are going to be hearing him speak on Saturday and Sunday this week.  I am super pumped to hear and apostle of the Lord speak to us and I know he is going to help us a ton in the missionary work.  We are going to have to travel to Gomez Palacio (a major city in my mission) to hear him, but it´s worth the effort!
I dont have a ton of time to write today so I´m gonna leave it there, but I love you guys a ton and thanks for the support.  Keep me in your prayers as I start up this new and interesting experience in the mission,  I am really praying that I can be a help to the people here!
Until next week!
Elder Jolley

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