Week #31 Porisima

Well his week I began work in a ranch called Porisima and it has been hard work.  When I arrived, there were no investigators, hardly any active members in the branch, and its been almost impossible to find someone that wants to listen.  But I love it in the ranch.  Everyone is super nice (And super catholic), and they always share what they have.  It´s such a change from the city because everyone is very humble and it makes it so easy to love them and want to help them.

This week D Todd Christofferson visited us and it was amazing.  He has such a strong spirit and even though I hail from Utah, I had never seen an apostle in the flesh before.  I was a great experience (I actually touched his hand!) and he answered a ton of questions for us.  I feel so blessed that the leaders of the church care enough about us to visit the missions and give us advice!
That´s pretty much it for this week.  I haven´t had much success with investigators yet, but we are hoping we can find some people to teach this upcoming week.  Thanks for all the support and love!
Until next week!
Elder Jolley

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