Week 36 Gomez Palacio

I am sorry I didnt write last week but a lot has been going down in the new area and it has blurred by.  My first white comp, Elder Looney, got sent to another area, but another white guy was sent my way!  His name is Elder Christiansen and he´s hails from the bitter, lonely mountains of Springville, Utah.  We have almost the same time in the mission and we get along great, so good times ahead.

The Labor in the field of the Lord has been coming along really well here.  We are preparing Marlen and her daughter, Arlet, for baptism the following week on the 22nd.    We are also preparing two other families for baptisms but they have faced some trials.  In one of the families the husband is struggling with a drinking addiction and he is violent with his family when he´s drunk.  Its been really hard to watch and we are praying that he can find the strength he needs to break his addiction.  The other family struggles getting to church on sundays because they don´t money to take the bus to the chapel.  This last week we went to their house to take them and pay for their passage but they had left early to go to the hospital to visit an uncle who has a critical health condition.  We are praying that he can recover from his illness so that the family can be a little less stressed.
We have some amazing members here as well that work to give us references and leave to preach with us.  One of them has multiple scelerosis and it´s literally a miracle that he can walk.  He was diagnosed 16 years ago and now he has to live here with his parents away from his wife and kids in case he has a severe stroke.  He preachs the gospel in the hospital and on the street with us and is an incredibly inspiring member.  We love him so much and everything he has done for the mission has been a great blessing.
Anyway, thanks for the support and the love. I miss you all a ton, but I know Im where I should be.  Love you all a bunch!
Until next week!
Elder Jolley







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