Week32 Purisima

Week two and the ranch and things have been going a little better.  We have been making some serious progress with a partial member family and we have recently found two more partial member families to teach and help.  We even made some goals for baptism with two of our investigators.  We are really hoping that they can make it to church this upcoming Sunday so they can really feel the spirit and gain a testimony of the gospel.  We have also seen some progress outside of the main ranch (Purisima) in a ranch called El Hormigero (The Ant Farm). We contacted a family of christians and we had the opportunity to help them in a construction project that they are doing with their house.  We basically just moved a bunch of cinder blocks that they are planning on using to build a second floor to their house.  In Mexico, everyone does their own construction so we are planning on helping them a few more times and we also have and appointment to teach the family again this week.  We are trying really hard to gain their trust so that we can help them with the gospel.
Other than that, we have been working hard with less active families because we practically 90 percent of the people in my area are less actives.  However, many of the families have people who havent been baptized and it is a little easier to teach them because the families have already been introduced to the church and have a basic understanding of the teachings.  We haven´t had a lot of success with that except for the two investigators with a baptismal dates that I mentioned earlier, but it still seems by far the most effective way to work here in Purisima.
Anyway, nothing much else interesting is going on here.  There´s just a lot of dirt and weeds, and Im just trying to make my time here the most helpful to the Lord´s work.  Im hopeful that we´ll find more people to teach this upcoming week and that we will also see progress with our investigators.  Thanks for the support and prayers. Love you guys a ton!
Until next week!
Elder Jolley

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