Week #39 Gomez Palacio

This last week has been so hard but so rewarding.  It is so refreshing to see miracles after so much trial and disappointment.  After many long weeks of preparing Marlen and Arlet, they were baptized this last Saturday! It was such a sweet moment and the hermanas were really touched by their baptism. We felt the spirit so strongly and Marlen bore a strong testimony of our heavenly father and the Holy Spirit. It was one of the most spiritual moments I have had on my mission and I am feel blessed to have taken part in such an important moment in the lives of Marlen and Arlet.

We are still working with the hermana Keta and her family, and also the hermana Veronica and her family.  They have had some rough trials this week and they couldn´t go to church, but we have already talked with them to see what they need help with and they have expressed the desire to go to church this week.  Keta´s husband, Arturo met with us this last Sunday and told us about how Keta and two of their kids got really sick.  They were away with Keta´s mom to rest and recover.  It was alright though because we had a really great talk with Arturo and we learned a lot about him.  I think we are starting to gain his trust a lot.

I just realized I don’t have any time!  I love you guys and I am loving the mission right now!  Thanks for the support!


Until next week!

Elder Jolley




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