Week #44 Gomez Palacio

Another week, and more work in the labor of the lord!  This week we saw some miracles with investigators that up until haven´t been able to come to church. We were able to see these miracles on account of an amazing fellowship that we found for these investigators. We are very excited to keep working with them. Another investigator we have has received testimony that he should be baptized, but his mom who is an inactive member is not supporting him very much in his decision. She wants him to ask permission from his atheist father who was also baptized in the church and we are worried that his dad won´t give him permission. His father lives in the United States and we urged our investigator to stay firm in his testimony that he should be baptized. He has an aunt that lives in our ward who is an active member and she helps us by taking him to church.  Lots of trials, but we know we just need to keep at it!

Other than that, our other investigators have been struggling, so we are going to try and pick them back up this week and focus on finding other good fellowships for them.  We are going to keep working hard and we are hoping to baptize three of our investigators on the 16th!  Keep us in your prayers please, because satan is working really hard against us.  Thanks for all the love!

Until next week!

Elder Jolley




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