Week #45 Gomez Palacio

Ok, dont have a lot of time today, but Im just gonna put the highlights on here real fast.  This week I did splits three days with two different elders and while it was fun, I was pretty much wiped out.  I spent 3 days sleeping in a bed that wasnt mine and working with investigators that werent mine either.  I actually really enjoyed it, but by the end, I really just wanted to get back to my area and help my own investigators.  On the note of investigators, Maria, Keta, Oribe and Miranda all came to church this week and they are all going to be baptized on Saturday.  They are all super powerful and I love them so much!  Ill have plenty of pics from the baptism!

There isnt much else to say I have to go.  Sorry for the short letter this week!  Love you guys a ton!
Until next week!
Elder Jolley

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