Week #46 Gomez Palacio

Alright well this week was awesome!  The whole week was spent making sure 4 of our investigators were prepared to be baptized and answering questions and doubts.  Everything went super well and on saturday, we were able to baptize all four of our investigators!  It was actually a really awesome night because there are 4 missionaries in our ward and the other companionship also had two baptisms, so there were six total converts in our ward.  Our mission president and his wife decided to come because there were so many people getting baptized and they both shared some super awesome testimonies.  We feel super blessed to have been able to participate in such an awesome baptismal service and our investigators (now converts) felt the spirit so strongly.  We are hoping that in the weeks that follow, we can help the son of one of our converts be baptized as well!

Other than that, we have been dodging some crazy festivals and drunk people over the weekend because it was the mexican day of independence on saturday, and there was a lot of drinking going on.  There were a lot of people screaming vulgarities at us and throwing random fireworks in the street (luckily not at us). It was all good though, everyone stayed safe and we threw our own little party with gringas (Quesadilla with meat) and soda.
That was pretty much it for this week.  We are gonna keep working hard here.  I hope I get to stick around a while longer in my current but I might get transfered in a couple of weeks.  We´ll see though.  Thanks for the support and love!
Until next week
Elder Jolley

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