Week #68 in Colonia Dalias Torreon Jardin

The Jesus statue is called “El Cristo de las Noas” and it might be only 22 meters tall to the 38 meters of the Jesus in Brazil, but it was still really cool to go and take some pics.  It´s one of the only notable tourist locations in Torreon, but it´s something that gives some serious character to this part of Northern Mexico.  Also, it sadly took me 17 months to get up there when most missionaries go in their first 12 weeks and I dont really know why.  All I can say is that I´ve been there now.

This week it was a little hard for us with the investigators.  Luis decided he doesn´t want to be baptized and told us not to visit him anymore.  We are feeling a little heartbroken about that, but we are recognizing that God´s times are perfect and he will get the chance to accept the gospel when he is more prepared.  Our other investigators have also been having a hard time.  We are being taught a huge lesson on patience, but we are going to endure and keep working hard!
A huge miracle that I saw this week is that I recovered my proselyting bag after it got stolen 3 weeks ago!  It was returned to the SuperStore and the person who returned it said it was an accident!  I don´t know if it really was and accident, but I am so grateful I could recover my scriptures, camera, and other items.  It was an answer to so many prayers!  I can testify of the power of prayer and I have recieved a very special witness this week of the blessings that come.
I also had the chance to donate platelets this week to a sister with systemic lupus, which is a disease that attacks the immune system.  I was really nervous, but it went well.  After we visited with the sister and she was frail from the disease, but expressed appreciation for our donation.  We felt so happy to be able to help her in that way.
Well that´s all I have for this week!  I love you guys.  Don´t forget to help the missionaries where ever you are!
Until next week

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